Woman cannot live by stamps alone!

17 Feb

This morning I attended a Propagation Lab as part of my Master Gardener training. Okay, so I thought propagation wasn’t really my thing. I figured I’d daydream while my husband sat spell-bound since it is his thing!  But, there was no sitting and there was no daydreaming! I was transfixed by Jim, our instructor (and lucky for Oakley and me…our mentor!)! The lab was completely hands-on, as labs should be! And Jim was so interesting and informative I could have listened to him for another two hours!

Jim is big into recycling. Me too! Our first task was to transform an empty toilet paper roll into a seed pot. While Jim walked my classmates, step-by-painful-step, through the process, I gloated to my husband that this was right up my alley. Scissors, paper, adhesive.  I was in my element ! The only thing missing was stamps! But, I did have a marker! WooHoo! A happy woman!! Before he’d finished his explanation, I was done! Check out my little seed pot, planted with squash seeds (seeds=one type of propagation).

My little TP seed pot!

Next we learned two different methods for propagating plants, in our case, begonias, by removing leaves. I won’t go into all the details; you’ll have to take the Master Gardener training yourself if you want to know all the dirt. HAHAHA!

Baby Begonias...watch 'em grow!

Then we left Jim’s garage and headed out to the glorious day that awaited us! Our next task was to learn to propagate by taking hardwood cuttings. We had the pleasure of pruning Jim’s Concord Grape vines to take our cuttings. We also pruned/took cuttings from a sweet white seeded grape that Jim had. He said they’re the sweetest grape he’s ever tasted. Yum! Can’t wait!

Propagation from hardwood cuttings

Think Concord grape jam!

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to stamping! But, today it was such an incredible blessing to be outside and feel the sun on my face, the breeze in my hair, my hands in the dirt! As much as I love stamping, this woman cannot live by stamps alone!

Until we meet again…HAPPY STAMPING (or gardening)!


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