Take a break and recharge…progress report.

14 Mar

A week ago I told you not to look for a blog post from me on Sundays. I hope you remembered!

As you may recall, I said I was going to take a break and recharge on Sundays during Lent. My goal was to abide by the ten core principles of the Sabbath manifesto. I said I was “going to keep the computer, TV, and cell phone off on Sundays. I’m going to do my shopping on the other six days of the week. I’m going to prepare a home-cooked meal, with love, for my family. I’m going to light candles, drink wine, and play a board game with my family. I’m going for a long walk with my dogs. I’m going to set aside a special time for prayer and journaling at the end of the day.”

Here’s my progress report:

1. Avoid technology:

Since I was traveling home from North Carolina, I used a car…I think that qualifies as technology.

Since I was driving in unfamiliar territory, I used my GPS…I think that also qualifies as technology.

While in the car, my daughter and I listened to the car radio and CDs…yep, technology.

Since we were traveling, cell phones were on…yep, technology.

At home, in the evening, I used my computer to read my materials for my Master Gardener class…more technology.

Are you getting the drift? It’s really hard not to use technology! It’s such an integral part of our lives. But, I made a conscious effort NOT to get on the internet, not to check email, not to blog, not to Facebook. Progress. I made a conscious decision NOT to watch TV…well, mostly. I managed NOT to watch any college basketball, including the draws. Very hard. I made a decision to compromise when it came time for Amazing Race, a show that my husband and I enjoy watching together. We watched it and nothing else. Progress.

2. Connect with loved ones:

Traveling with my daughter for 2-1/2 hours we had the opportunity to talk…to connect. When we got home we sat down to lunch with my husband and enjoyed a special time together before she headed back to Nashville, her spring break concluded. As I said above, my husband and I sat together to watch a favorite show — a compromise — and then sat together, reading and talking. Yep, we connected.

3. Nurture your health:

My major effort with this principle is to refrain from eating sweets throughout Lent. This is most challenging for me. I have a sweet tooth. So far, so good.

4. Get outside:

I was true to my promise: I took my two dogs for an hour long walk. Then I came back home and piddled in the yard a little bit…not working, just sort of walking around the yard and enjoying the beauty of the day. Then, I settled into a comfy chair on the back porch with a book and a glass of wine, and stayed there until dark, mesmerized by the diligent efforts of a Carolina chickadee, as it prepared a new house (a gift from my dad) for a new family.

5. Avoid commerce:

Almost successful. On the way home from North Carolina, Daron and I stopped at McDonald’s for an Egg McMuffin and a cup of java. No shopping done though.

6. Light candles: Check

7. Drink wine: Check

8. Eat bread: Check

9. Find silence: Check

10. Give back: While it may be a small thing, I prepared home-cooked food for my daughter to take back to school with her…a simple sign of the love I have for her!

I fell into bed, sound asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, early…way before my usual after-midnight bedtime. Exhausted from a very busy weekend and traveling, I didn’t journal at the end of the day as I’d planned. But, I did say a prayer of thanksgiving as I fell into bed!

It would be easy to beat myself up for being less than successful in my attempts to abide by the ten core principles. Instead, I’m at peace. I made progress. I consciously made changes in how I spent my Sunday. God knows I tried, and that’s all that really matters.



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