Happy Birthday, Daddy!

19 Mar

Today is my Daddy’s 77th birthday! Happy Birthday, Daddy! I am blessed to be able to spend the day with him. It’s been a wonderful day!

When Mom asked Dad what he wanted for his birthday dinner, he replied, “Hamburgers and hot dogs!” — his favorite. So, we pulled out the Weber and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs! It was warm enough to enjoy our barbecue dinner outside on the screened porch. Those burgers and dogs, along with sides of baked beans, potato salad, five bean salad, and deviled eggs made for a delicious feast! And one happy man! Well, three really. My youngest brother and my husband were equally thrilled with the meal set before them!

Daddy, just before he dug in!

When we sat down to dinner, at 6:50 (note clock in photo); it was warm enough that we were comfortable in short sleeves. When cake-and-ice-cream-time rolled around, it was dark and the temps had dipped! So, Daddy had donned his sweatshirt, hood and all!

All seven candles -- one breath!

Mom and I thought 77 candles might be a little much, so we settled for seven! And Daddy blew them all out at once! WooHoo! Go, Dad!

Here’s wishing my Dad a blessed year ahead and many more birthdays shared! I love you, Daddy!

Until we meet again, HAPPY STAMPIN’!


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