Convention — Day 2

15 Jul

Another WOW! day here in Salt Lake City!

Lots of fun and frivolity to start the day!

Teammate Denise dancin' the mornin' away!

YMCA! What a way to get rid of the early morning cobwebs!

Holiday Mini introduced! I got free ones!! So did everybody else! Just wait 'til you see it!

Everyone got a FREE Simply Sent! Everybody! FREE = VERY excited women

Becky, my downline and friend, at dinner, just before our evening session.

Becky's name in lights! She earned #2 Rising Star! Top 15 NEW demonstrators in company recognized! WooHoo!

Becky took a trip onstage! Flowers, Tiffany's necklace, all-expense-paid trip with top 100 in company + $4500! WooHoo!

Becky's Aunt Jo and her mom were here for her big night. Proud mom!

Post-awards night party! That's Becky, on the right, cuttin' a rug! Celebrate good times...come on!

A quick picture before heading back to the hotel to blog, and then crash! Congratulations to Becky for a job well done!


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