I’m gonna learn to love these days!

22 Dec


My friend, Robin Merriman, shared this video on her blog this morning! It was just what I needed! I don’t know about you — I suspect it’s the same for most of us — but I tend to get lost in the lists, especially this time of year! I have little slips of paper and notebooks and pads all over my house and car with lists of gifts to buy (and wrap), cookies to make, people to call, cards to send, Christmas dinner dishes to create, and more!

So, I feel guilty…that I don’t get it all done. That I don’t focus on what I should be focusing on. That I’m so caught up in the hustle-bustle of the season that I’m short-tempered and not as loving and kind as I want to be. That I have lost sight of the reason for the season. That I don’t find time to just be still.

As Robin reminded me this morning, “…in all the craziness, all the rushing and madness and losing my mindness remember, God is still God. He is still on His throne. He is holding us tight and loving us every minute of every day. His son Jesus is who we celebrate during this special season and He came not only to bring us salvation, but peace and joy!” How could I say it any better than that?

So, I’m going to keep Robin’s words and the words to Mandisa’s awesome song in my mind throughout Christmas! I’m gonna learn to love these days!



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