Group Therapy — a prescription for fun!

28 Jun

A small, but mighty group of  Group Therapy team members, welcomed two of our RemARKable teammates — Sherri and Danielle, from Maryland and Northern Virginia, respectfully — who ventured south for a stamping weekend. We had a blast! We started Saturday with a visit to the Forest Farmers Market and then the Lynchburg Community Market. Did a little window shopping downtown. Made a stop at the Lynchburg Humane Society. Requisite visit to Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Store, looking for Pinterest supplies.

Back home for some quiet time.

Danielle & Carrie — time for a “cat” nap!

Then, drinks, dinner, sharing, a shoebox swap, dessert, hands-on social media training, and lots of fun! We finally called it quits about 2 am! It was just what the doctor ordered!

The makings of a very fun Group Therapy retreat!

Jan, one of our Group Therapy teammates

Sherri discovered adult versions of Capri Sun. Better yet, she found out she could buy them at the grocery store, even on Sunday. Virginia rocks!

Jan: Loving the new paper piercing tools!

Jeanne, a Group Therapy team member


Sherri: A focused stamper!

Danielle: A purr-fectly happy camper!

Our next Group Therapy team meeting is Thursday, July 19. Wouldn’t you like to join us?

Stay tuned for the cards we made at our shoebox swap!


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