So, what’s new?

2 Jul

Have you seen the NEW 2012-13 Stampin’ Up! catalog? You are going to have so much fun looking over each page of this new catalog! There is so much wonderful new stuff with which to get creative!

To view the new catalog online, just click the Catalogs tab to the right. Want one to hold in your own two hands? Let me know! I’ve got a FREE one for my customers! Not a customer? No problem. For just $5.00, I’ll put one in your hot little hands AND lay a $5.00 gift certificate good toward your next purchase!

July 1 is the start of the Stampin’ Up! year! Those of us on the East Coast are bringing it in with a bang…and I don’t mean the July 4th kind of bang! We were blindsided Friday night by a freak weather system, a derecho (Spanish for straight). According to Wikipedia it is a widespread and long-lived, violent convectively induced straight-line windstorm that is associated with a fast-moving band of severe thunderstorms in the form of a squall line usually taking the form of a bow echo. Derechos blow in the direction of movement of their associated storms, similar to a gust front, except that the wind is sustained and generally increases in strength behind the “gust” front. A warm weather phenomenon, derechos occur mostly in summer, especially June and July in the Northern Hemisphere.

So, what does that mean? It means trees are down all over the place…but not in my yard, thank goodness. We lost a couple of branches, but nothing major. My neighbors were not so lucky; there are many trees down in my neighborhood and throughout the area. It means a lot of us are without electricity. With 100 degrees plus each day, and no power, this stuff is getting old. But, each day I tell myself it could be worse. We have a basement which is a comfortable 76 degrees. So, to the basement we go — dogs, bunnies, people. We have water — and it’s still warm — so we can take showers… and flush toilets. Our fridge and freezers are staying cold so we’re eating well.

Tonight we enjoyed Nurnberger bratwurst (Thanks to a recent trip to Trader Joe’s on our way home from OBX!) on pumpkin seed rolls (thanks to Lorraine Bakery) with real German mustard, grilled asparagus, roasted potatoes and onions, garden-fresh cucumbers in vinegar (YUM!) and baby carrots. For dessert? Peach cobbler, made with frozen peaches — last summer’s crop — and baked in the Weber grill (Sinfully good!). Oh, did I mention that we also perked coffee on the grill? What can I say? I’m creative in more ways than one!

So it’s hot. It’s uncomfortable. It’s inconvenient to drive 20 minutes to find internet access.  But, we are truly blessed! We have much to be thankful for! Right now, I’m thankful to be sitting in a very cool McDonald’s on Wards Road in Lynchburg (open 24 hours), using their WiFi, sipping an ICED tea (Did I mention that there is no bagged ice to be had anywhere in this town?)! Oh, I’m also thankful to discover that one of my very good young friends works here, so we’re having a little reunion! See? So many things to be thankful for. Every storm cloud has a silver lining!

Me, keeping my cool at Mickey D’s.

So what else is new? New haircut. New In-Colors.  New customer special. New domain name. New classes! Stay tuned. But the crowd favorite… hear the roar…K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stamping) — is scheduled for Friday, July 6 at 7 pm. I’m choosing to be optimistic! I don’t want to cancel if I don’t have to. So, go ahead and register by the deadline. Advance payment is required (effective July 1) . For class details, click on Events button here. Stay tuned for power updates. If I don’t have power by midnight Thursday, I’ll reschedule.

Until we meet again…keep cool,  and stay sane stampin’!


2 Responses to “So, what’s new?”

  1. loudouncrazymom July 3, 2012 at 12:50 am #

    You’re still out of power–wow! Dinner on the grill sounds yummy–especially the peach cobbler.What’s your new domain name? Enjoy your basement and trips to Mickey D’s. Love ya.

    • Kathy Seals July 3, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

      Still out of power. Last estimate I heard was Saturday. And they’re calling for a severe thunderstorm tonight. While we could certainly use the rain, we don’t need 1″ hail or wind damage. BTW, new domain is…old and new are connected!

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