Family Photo Ornaments

1 Nov

Photos are timeless keepsakes. Create a beautiful and easy ornament gift using our retired Simply Adorned Charms, now available on the Clearance Rack, and your precious photos.

Borrowing a GREAT IDEA from RemARKable team leader, Janet Wakeland, I’m planning to get my own Simply Adorned Charms and create a set of ornaments for each of my kids, with photos of their grandparents, parents, family dogs and more!  I’m betting this will trigger a lot of “Do you remember when?” conversations!

Here are some other ideas to spark your own creativity:

Any new moms out there? How about starting a family tradition? How about creating a tree with your child’s first year…one photo from each month?

Have a graduate? How about creating a tree with one photo from each year of school?

Have you and your family moved a lot? How about creating a tree with a photo of each of your homes? Or towns where you lived?

Or just commemorate a special event this year! A wedding, birth, graduation, accomplishment, etc.

Do it your way.

SHOP NOW!  SIMPLY ADORNED!  Remember — anything on the Clearance Rack is WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.  Don’t delay; ORDER TODAY 

Until we meet again…stay sane stampin’!



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